Maestro Shigeru Egami




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Oficial representative of the Nihon karate-do shotokai

Tigre de Funakoshi


 (Spanish Shotokai Association)

Founded in Madrid on March 1st 1980 

The Spanish Shotokai association has amongst its aims:

To promote the acknowledgement  and development of the Shotokai Karate-do school, understanding this as that which, with some technical peculiarities, extends the practice and studying of Karate-do as a cultural instrument to facilitate the harmonious development of man. To foment the friendship, comradeship and collaboration among the practitioners, clubs, associations, etc ... in local, regional, national and international environments.

Karate, like other martial arts, appears in occident surrounded by a halo of mystery and is presented to us as the Bearer of self improvement values which make us think, in many cases, that we are in front of one of the many sects which proliferate around us. This feeling is even deeper if we find ourselves face to face with a style like ours, little known, with little or no presence in the sporting world and with no commercial interest in promoting itself.

From these pages we intend to offer an objective vision of Karate-do Shotokai from the available sources, primarily the oral and written manifestations of  Masters Egami and Hironishi, their Master Gichin Funakoshi and the people who coexisted and practiced with them. Also we have to highlight Kenji Tokitsu´s contribution through his book:Histoire du Kàrate-do. 

The Spanish Shotokai Association  is made up of different groups and associations spread out across our geography and we invite you to visit the pages of some of them:

Shotokai Karate-do (Valencia)
Asociación Shotokai Andalucía

At the same time ,and for many years now , the ASE maintains strong links and an excellent friendship with many Shotokai groups in different countries. This is reflected in a tight  schedule of annual courses. Among these, and as is becoming usual, in December  the  European Shotokai Course, directed by Master Atsuo Hiruma.